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1515 8th Ave
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About Erupt Fishing

Erupt Fishing was founded on the basis of bringing innovative products and technology to America's favorite sport of fishing and making it even more enjoyable for all anglers. The patented RTD solves the common headaches associated with threading line through rod guides on a fishing rod. We’ve all had the experience of dropping line, missing guides while maneuvering it through the multiple guides on a rod due to the line being hard to see, hard to grab and hard to handle, but the RTD eliminates these issues. The line simply attaches to the bobbin with a simple tug into the line catch and then the RTD self-centers along the fishing rod to feed the line through each guide as it is drawn up or down the fishing rod. You can literally string a rod with ease in seconds. Fast and easy to use - RTD works with most traditional rod types, The RTD also works great on fly rods. The unit's compact size fits easily into tackle box trays and can be worn around the neck with a lanyard.
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