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959 State Hwy 95 N
Shiner, Texas 77984
United States of America

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About Cooler Rest

Like most good products, Cooler Rest was invented out of necessity; a creative solution to enhance one’s enjoyment of the outdoors. It transforms a common utility, your cooler, into a unique, comfortable product for all to enjoy! The inventor is an avid fisherman who loves the outdoors, especially the sun, wind and saltwater on the Texas Coast. His boat had a built-in seat that slid forward and backward, but it took up too much space, so he removed it. He put his cooler in its place so he could store his day’s catch and have a place to sit and cast. He soon realized that he lost his backrest and his back was getting sore. While waiting for the fish to bite, he thought about how he could have a place to both keep his catch cold and sit and lean back comfortably. He came up with the solution one evening while chilling on his back porch enjoying the beautiful Texas sunset. He noticed the two grooves on the sides of his cooler, and the idea hit like lightning ... Cooler Rest was born! For most, ideas come and go, rarely materializing. Our inventor brought his idea to life through Kaspar Manufacturing’s over 100 years of experience, state-of-the-art machinery, expert capabilities and craftsmanship. Now, Cooler Rest is used across the United States as a fun, practical, snazzy addition to multiple cooler brands. They can be found on fishing boats, back porches, hunting grounds, tailgates, backyards, campgrounds, and at picnics in the park. At Cooler Rest, we like to multi-task and we enjoy the active life as well as relaxing. Why not combine comfort and utility while enhancing the look of YOUR cooler? Wherever there is a cooler, there is a need for a seat. Why not be comfortable and use the lid of your cooler as a bench – we all do it anyway!
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